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Episode 35: See Ben Build a Tweeting Heart

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It's a very special Valentine's Day episode of the Ben Heck Show! Today, Ben builds a digital version of a Valentine's Day classic - a candy heart with messages that change via Twitter! Want to win the perfect tweeti...

Episode 36: See Ben Build a Solder Reflow Oven

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In today's episode, Ben turns an infrawave toaster oven into a solder reflow oven that can be used with PCB's. Watch and see how! Want to win today's build? Visit: Like, Comment & S...

Episode 37: See Ben Build his‪ Portable Atari 2600‬

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Ben returns to his roots and builds a replica of his original Atari 2600 portable gaming system. What do you think: have his mod skills grown since then? Let us know in the comments! Want to recreate an @Atari classi...

Episode 38: See Ben Build an Autonomous Robot Luggage

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Tired of lugging around a bunch of stuff at airports, Ben builds Robot Luggage to help lighten the load with the help of Jesse Robinson! Like, Comment & Share This Episode:

Episode 39: See Ben’s Coin-operated xbox360

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Get a coin-operated gaming system to regulate your kids gaming time! More chores = more tokens = more gaming time. It's a win for everyone. Like, Comment & Share This Episode:

Episode 40: See Ben’s Energy-saving Universal Wall Wart Episode

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In honor of Earth Day, Ben talks about energy savings, then builds a Universal Wall Wart. He also tells us some unexpected power drainers in your home and how you can best conserve your power! Like, Comment & Sh...

Episode 41: See Ben’s Father-Son Squach Tracker 9000 Episode

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In this week's episode of The Ben Heck Show: Get ready to find Bigfoot! Ben helps his friend Charlie, and Charlie's son, build a simple project together - the Squach Tracker 9000. Will they find this mythical creature...

Episode 42: Watch Ben’s Android Controlled Pot Stirrer Episode

Added by 3 years ago

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Tired of burned dinner? Stir your pots remotely! Ben uses Android and an Arduino to make another lazy-man invention! Who says you can't play video games while you cook? Like, Comment & Share This Episode: http://...

Episode 43: See Ben Heck’s Power Glove Xbox Remote Episode

Added by 3 years ago

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Not satisfied with the Microsoft Kinect, Ben attempts to build a Minority-Report-like glove to control his Xbox! Like, Comment & Share This Episode: Never Miss An Episode- Subscribe F...

Episode 44: See Ben Heck’s Toilet Illuminator Episode

Added by 3 years ago

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What better gift to show how much you care than a toilet illuminator? Ben comes up with a great project just in time for Father's Day. Like, Comment & Share This Episode: Never Miss A...

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